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Music By Tom Clary

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Two Lovers Dream
is a short (04:35) programmatic work for French Horn, Tuba, and Piano

The scene is a darkened bedroom after a long day.  Lovers lay awake in silence at first.  The dialog starts slowly and begins to flow - our lovers being no stranger to each other.  Wonderful occasions past are remembered.  Plans for the future are made and flights of fancy are entertained.  The two mutually enjoy listening and speaking . . . as lovers often do.  The conversation eventually wanes as the two drift off to sleep.

Two Lovers Dream
00:00 / 04:38

Please Note:  When you place your order, you will be given a link to download the PDF.  You will also receive an email with a download link.  This email will suggest that I am making a trumpet mute for you.  This, unfortunately, is not true.  You will only receive the PDF of "Two Lovers Dream."  If you would like a beautiful handcrafted wooden trumpet mute, please visit  If you have any issue at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you!

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