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Bucket Mute


Bucket Mute

  • The Bucket Mute - A resonant beauty that plays in-tune, offers relatively no resistance, and offers multiple timbre possibilities.


    The bucket mute is made from segments of domestic walnut and maple. The bottom bucket section contains 68 individual segments.  The top frame is made of high-quality Baltic Birch plywood for strength, and stained to compliment the walnut in the bucket section.


    The bucket is a lot of fun to play.  Players can customize the sound of the bucket by placing different materials inside the mute.  The bare wood produces a brighter, "cuppy" sound.  However, players might use a cocktail napkin or handkerchief to make the sound darker.  Adventurous users of the mute might use aluminum foil or styrofoam to produce a buzzy sound.  The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.


    You have the option of purchasing a mute that will fit

    (1) regular-throated bells (e.g. Bach, Yamaha, et al);

    (2) large-throated bells (e.g. Schilke X3 or Adams A4); or

    (3) Extra-Large-throated bells (e.g. Flip Oakes Wild Thing).  

    Note that a large-diameter bell does not necessariliy indicate that the throat is large.  


    Fits Bb and C trumpets.  Weight is about 3.5 oz (100 g).

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