Ebony Straight - custom order


Ebony Straight - custom order

  • Ebony Straight Mute - This solid-ebony mute simply looks, feels, and sounds absolutely stunning.  Custom order this ebony straight mute with the same basic design as the other woodmutes straights.  As with other woodmutes straights, the ebony straight plays superbly in-tune with minimal resistance.  It facilitates easy articulation in the upper-register.  It is especially perfect for soft passages, but is a good all-around straight mute that blends well.


    Fits Bb and C trumpets. Weight is about 4.75 oz (134 g).


    Please allow up to 30 days for us to special-order the ebony and make the mute especially for you.  The ebony straight mute comes with complimentary custom engraving (e.g. your name) on the bottom of the mute.  


    **Please note that any custom-engraved mute is non-refundable**

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