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Oak Barrel Straight Mute


Oak Barrel Straight Mute

  • Oak Barrel Straight Mute - Made from a genuine Kentucky distillery bourbon barrel.  In fact, you can still smell the faint aroma of Kentucky bourbon inside the mute.  


    This mute is not only a great conversation piece (and possibly a collectors item), but it has an amazing sound, plays superbly in-tune with minimal resistance, and facilitates easy articulation in the upper-register. 


    The Oak Barrel Straight mute comes in two configurations:  

    (1) for Bb and C trumpet; and

    (2) fine-tuned just for C trumpet


    The Bb/C mute is perfect for someone who plays mostly Bb and sometimes plays C. 


    The C mute is made for those who specialize in C trumpet, and for those Bb trumpets that have a narrow bell throat.  This mute dials in the intonation for C trumpets (and other trumpets with a narrow bell throat).  


    With the Bb/C mute, you have the further option of (1) regular corks (for standard bell throats - e.g., Bach, Yamaha); or (2) tall corks (for larger bell throats - e.g. Adams A4, Schilke X3, Wild Thing).


    Weight is about 3 oz (80 g).

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