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The Kramer Adjustable Cup Mute


The Kramer Adjustable Cup Mute

  • The Kramer Adjustable Cup Mute - A visually-striking and excellent-playing cup mute.  The Kramer cup (with the same basic design as the S.G.C.) is in-tune and offers minimal resistance.


    Named after one of my first trumpet teachers - Don Kramer.  This adjustable cup is made of sapele and cherry, with the cup portion alone containing sixty individual wood segments.  


    The adjustable nature of the mute allows the performer a wide range of timbres - from bright to tight.  The mute has a beautiful warm, smoky sound when the cup is close to the bell.  It is bright and projects well when the cup is further away.  


    You may purchase the Kramer Adjustable Cup with either a flat rim or a scalloped rim.  The scalloped rim plays a little bit brighter than the flat rim and offers ease of playing in the upper register.  You may also purchase the Kramer with two cups (one flat and one scalloped).


    You have the option of (1) regular corks (for standard bell throats - e.g., Bach, Yamaha); or (2) tall corks (for larger bell throats - e.g. Adams A4, Schilke X3, Wild Thing).


    This cup mute is just a little warmer than the S.G.C. cup. Fits Bb and C trumpets.  Weight is about 4.5 oz (125 g).

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