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The Mooch Straight Mute


The Mooch Straight Mute

SKU: 001
  • The Mooch - With the same basic design as the Nicholson and the Avery, the Mooch plays superbly in-tune with minimal resistance.  It facilitates easy articulation in the upper-register.  It is especially perfect for soft passages, but is a good all-around straight mute that blends well.  The Mooch offers a medium amount of brightness compared to the Avery and Nicholson.


    This mute is named for my daughter (Mooch was her nickname as a baby) and has a chessboard pattern.  Handmade from domestic and exotic hardwoods: Padauk, Peruvian Walnut, and Hard Maple  The bottom resonator and middle ring are made from Cherry wood. 


    You have the option of (1) regular corks (for standard bell throats - e.g., Bach, Yamaha); or (2) tall corks (for larger bell throats - e.g. Adams A4, Schilke X3, Wild Thing).


    Fits Bb and C trumpets. Weight is about 3 oz (80 g).

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